What our customers say


«We have been working with Media-Tec for a long time. Mr. Jung is an expert in software development, media design and general IT topics. He is very cooperative and always has optimal solutions. »

Jacqueline J.


«You can always rely on Thomas. We have been working together for several years and he is there to help with every little problem. It does not matter whether we call during the week, in the evening or on the weekend. With his technical know-how, most problems can be solved on the phone. »

Philip M.


«I am very satisfied with the accessibility and handling of the problems. Despite the distance to Germany. Simply top.»

Markus S.

IT services - external help for the implementation of IT projects of all kinds

Our experts are experienced IT service providers who use all their know-how and knowledge every day for the implementation of various IT projects for companies all over Germany. We therefore offer a wide range of different IT services that are tailored to the requirements and needs of companies.

Change is one of the few constants in IT. Again and again new hardware components, cloud solutions and security programs come onto the market which - if used correctly - can make the processes within your company significantly more efficient. At the same time, the effort for IT support increases, because all systems have to be maintained and updated regularly in order to be stable and secure in the long term.

However, dealing with new hardware, software, cloud and server systems and examining the potential for your business cannot and should not be the focus of your activities - after all, you still have your core business on which you have to concentrate. And this is exactly where we come in. We support you with our comprehensive IT services in all areas. With our help you get the right systems and components for your company and know at all times who you can contact with questions about your IT.

Rely on IT services that have one goal: to provide you with an IT environment that supports you in your work every day. And not only that: Ideally, modern systems and solutions even ensure that processes become more efficient and faster - this saves you time and ultimately money.

Keep IT systems efficient in the long term through IT services

In order to maintain the support function of the computers, servers and other components for your daily work in the long term, there is no alternative to permanent technical support. This is the only way to prevent weak points in your IT architecture from causing slumps in performance, server failures to bring your processes to a standstill or malware to cause unpredictable damage to your company. Rely on external IT management, benefit from costs that can be planned in the long term and save yourself expensive, internal personnel resources through the use of an IT service provider, which in the worst case do not even have the experience and knowledge about which our IT Service providers.

IT management with a focus on avoiding damage and increasing efficiency

Frequently, contact with an IT service provider is only made if there is a serious problem with IT. Then it is often already too late. The result: data loss, defective components or the failure of complete IT systems. Our IT services are designed to keep your company free of disruptions, failures and damage at all times. With our ongoing IT support, we start well before possible emergencies and advise you in advance on possible solutions and optimization potential. All IT services are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. As a reputable IT service provider, this is the basis of our self-image and our professional honor.