Motorsport Software Development

We develop software for all areas of motorsport or program applications according to your requirements. More performance with software from Media-Tec - Development & Design!

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Software Development for Windows and MAC OS

We analyze, optimize and automate your existing business processes and IT systems. Together with you we develop your individual IT strategy and custom software solutions.

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App Development for IOS and Android

You need a special app for your smartphone, tablet or IoT device, or you need a mobile solution to access data in your company.
We will be happy to help you.

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Motorsport Hardware Development

Media-Tec - Development & Design also develops high-tech components for motorsport.
Our experience from many years of professional motorsport will also increase your performance.

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IT Support

Are you ready for the digital requirements of tomorrow? Who will help you quickly and reliably if you have any questions about your IT?
We are happy to offer you custom IT solutions for your company. Competent and reliable!

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3D Design and Modeling

Do you have a plan, a sketch or a technical drawing and don't know what to do next? We transform your templates into a 3D object. Not only that: Then hold your finished 3D object directly in your hands or view it using a virtual reality headset. Why only 2D when it can also be 3D!

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Professional 3D Print

Have you ever thought about what 3D printing is and what possibilities it offers? With us you can benefit from the advantages of 3D printing too!

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3D Visualization

We transform your construction drawings into photo-realistic images and animations so that you can better evaluate your designs, plan your project better and you can imagine your project even better.

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Media-Tec - Development & Design is your IT expert when it comes to developing software for special requirements or IT projects for which you have no solution. We develop innovative and powerful products that offer you new opportunities. Our team of experienced and highly motivated specialists redefines the limits of what is possible every day.

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Success through strategy

Success through strategy

It is our aim to master everyday tasks exceptionally well! We think and think ahead. Media-Tec works are always solid, professional, clever and forward-thinking, created with a lot of head, heart and good hand tools.


Software Development

Whether modern software architecture, future-proof IT integration or cloud applications - we help you to master the challenges of digitization with customized software.


IT Service and Support

Support for Windows networks, Windows servers, VMware and general IT infrastructure. We help you to solve the problems quickly on site as well as via remote maintenance.


3D Modelling and Visualisation

With modern and professional modeling, construction and visualization software, we bring your data into the virtual world of the PC. This can e.g. Buildings, spare parts, furniture, industrial plants, small objects, etc.


Professionell 3D Print

Our offer for 3D printing includes the production of prototypes, small series, complex components or spare parts for motorsport, industry and office as well as private use.

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Geomaxx ist ein neuartiges Achs-Schnellvermessungssystem für Renn- und Rallyeautos. Für den Motorsport entwickelt, ermöglicht das System eine extrem schnelle, präzise, flexible, und kostensparende Vermessung von Sturz, Einzel- und Gesamtspur aller Räder sowie der geometrischen Fahrachse (x-Achse).

Die Media-Tec LED Matrix Boxentafel wurde speziell und ohne Kompromisse für den Motorsport und vergleichbare Einsatzgebiete entwickelt, nachdem unsere eigenen Erfahrungen mit LED Anzeigen anderer Hersteller sehr enttäuschen verliefen. Wir haben diese Erfahrungen und Ideen in die Entwicklung einer neue LED Anzeige gesteckt...

Die römische Villa in Bodenbach ist als Fundort seit 1890 bekannt und wurde von der Ortsgemeinde ab dem Jahr 2003 mit den modernsten geophysikalischen Prospektionsmethoden untersucht.In den Jahren 2010 und 2013 fanden archäologische Grabungen statt. Es zeigte sich, dass eine im 1.Jh.n.Chr. als rein ziviler Bauernhof errichtete röm. Villa im 3.Jh.n.Chr. von den Bewohnern ...