Roman Villa Bodenbach


The Roman villa in Bodenbach has been known as a site since 1890 and has been examined by the local community since 2003 using the most modern geophysical prospecting methods. Archaeological excavations took place in 2010 and 2013. It turned out that in the 1st century AD. Roman villa built in the 3rd century AD as a purely civil farm. was rebuilt by the residents as an impregnable military fortress against invading Teutons. Many exciting insights and findings were brought to light here. In order to preserve the knowledge, the local community Bodenbach decided to visualize the floor plan of the villa and the   fortifications. [Nbsp] The   company Media-Tec   has a 3D visualization of the Roman villa created in different perspectives. Information boards provide visitors with the necessary background knowledge to make the changeable history of the Roman villa, comparable to a museum in the landscape, tangible and tangible.

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