Media-Tec Race lap timer proven multiple times


At the end of last year, Media-Tec presented the specially developed Race Laptimer for the Laptrix transponder system. From the beginning, the strengths of the new management software were an indispensable component in the course of a race, especially when a   strategy unexpectedly required rapid rescheduling. The two-time VLN master team Black-Falcon achieved several class victories not least thanks to   the support of the   newly developed software by the   company Media-Tec. When using mostly more than 6 own cars,   require precise predictions of the pit stops. The Media-Tec Race Laptimer   offers enormous relief, especially for more than one car.

20 reasons why the Media-Tec Race Laptimer is indispensable for you too:

  • Laptime recording of up to   8 vehicles
  • For Laptrix transponder systems
  • No transponder required (triggering the times manually)
  • Suitable for 2 forwarders (e.g. for the   automatic recording of the pit stop)
  • Automatic pre-calculation of the next pit stop (time)
  • Display of the max. Remaining driving time of a driver (e.g.   in the 24h race)
  • Planning ahead   of pit stops
  • Display of lap times in the box including freely changeable   display   in the sense of   corporate identity
  • Automatic information for team members at an upcoming pit stop
  • Current lap time
  • Best round
  • lap time table
  • Color differentiation of the drivers
  • clear presentation
  • Report of the entire race is automatically generated for later evaluation
  • Manual entries in the report possible
  • Graphical lap time analysis
  • Evaluation of all vehicles separately
  • Drivers can print lap times directly from the software.
  • Saving of lap times as PDF, XLS, HTML or DOC possible

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