Media-Tec LED Matrix Pitboard


The Media-Tec LED Matrix Pitboard was specially developed without compromise for motorsport and comparable areas of use after our own experience with LED displays from other manufacturers was very disappointing. We have put these experiences and ideas into the development of a new LED display to create a product that meets our requirements and expectations. The existing ads often caused problems when they were least useful. That is why we rely on high-quality components that offer reliable function and versatile application options. But the biggest difference is undoubtedly that the Media-Tec LED Matrix Pitboard consists of a matrix of LEDs and not, like comparable products, of individual, clearly defined lines of text. This means that the entire size of the pit board can be used as a display. With a total of 5120 ultra-bright multicolor LEDs, this enables the user to display text, graphics and even pictures flexibly. But that's not all, the Media-Tec LED Matrix Pitboard has also been integrated into our Endurance Race Laptimer software. The display can then be controlled fully automatically, without any user intervention in the software, with all vehicle and racing-relevant data.

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